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Hinweis: Es gibt einen deutschen Hörbuch Verlag mit dem Namen NeoAudio. Sie finden die Webseite des NeoAudio-Verlags unter www.neoaudio.com


The software is no longer supported. The former Windows tool with the name Neoaudio used to be a widely utilized Windows tool renowned for its capabilities in audio file processing. However, it was discontinued several years ago, leaving behind a legacy of efficient audio manipulation.

If you find yourself seeking NeoAudio today, chances are you are interested in exploring the new audio courses offered by the neoaudio audiobook publisher under the same name. These courses cater to language enthusiasts and aspiring linguists, providing an immersive learning experience through audio content. Apologies for any inconvenience, but we regret to inform you that we cannot offer further insights into the current publishing program of NeoAudio. Our knowledge is limited to the historical context of the discontinued Windows tool. Unfortunately, support for this tool is no longer available.

Nonetheless, if you're intrigued by the world of audio processing, there are numerous alternatives and modern tools available that offer similar functionalities. Whether you're a musician, sound engineer, or simply someone passionate about audio technology, exploring these alternatives may lead you to discover innovative solutions for your audio processing needs.

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Neoaudio was open source software based on CDex by Albert Faber. Neither this website nor the former software are associated with NeoAudio™ audiobook publisher.

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